2019 Schedule

2019 National Conference Workshops
(2020's Conference Schedule T.B.D.)

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8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Registration/Check-in

9:00 AM – 10:30 AM General Session

10:30 AM – 12:30 PM Workshops

12:30 PM – 1:30 PM Lunch

1:30 PM – 4:30 PM Workshops

4:30 PM – 5:30 PM General Session

5:30 PM – 7:00 PM Dinner

“Effective Education” Workshops

Pro-Life Apologetics for College Students - Stephanie Gray
Join us as we break down how to build effective communication with your campus peers about the pro-life position. Learn how to defend your beliefs and dialogue through a variety of techniques and tips based on actual experience on college campuses.

Pro-Life Apologetics for High School Students - Jay Watts, Life Training Institute
Learn how to confidently communicate with your classmates about abortion and other pro-life issues. This workshop will teach you the pro-life stance in a relatable, easy way, so you can discuss your beliefs openly with your classmates.

Advanced Apologetics - Josh Brahm, Equal Rights Institute
There are a lot of complicated ins and outs of the pro-life argument. This workshop will teach you how to confidently respond to the most difficult pro-life questions that would’ve previously left you stumped.

Theology of the Body -Jackie Angel, Author and Musician 
The art of being human and working with the way our bodies were designed for life, marriage, and sex.

Faith Perspectives on Abortion-Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life; Rabbi Yaakov Menken, Coalition for Jewish Values; Ismail Royer, Religious Freedom Institute 
What do different faith traditions teach on abortion?  Join this panel as they discuss theologies on abortion and how you can reach people of differing faith backgrounds on this issue.

Industry Impact” Workshops

Countering Planned Parenthood’s Influence on your College Campus -Anna Arend, Students for Life; Anna Allgaier, Students for Life; Alliance Defending Freedom
College and young adult mothers are Planned Parenthood’s biggest targets. Learn what to do when Planned Parenthood comes to your campus and how to stop that from happening. We’ll give you the tools and information necessary to push back against Planned Parenthood’s influence on college campuses.

Planned Parenthood in your Public High School?! -Michele Hendrickson, Students for Life; Carla D’Addesi, Radio Host; Alliance Defending Freedom
Planned Parenthood tries to maintain their federal funding by opening site clinics at public high schools to meet the requirement for federal grant money. Come learn how to stop this from happening and what you can do to push back in your school.

Abortion Industry Supply & Demand - David Bereit; Former CEO 40 Days for Life; Alliance Defending Freedom, Anna Arend, Students for Life
The abortion industry measures growth in supply and demand. There is a lot to know about what keeps the abortion industry alive as a business and how that impacts local abortion suppliers.  Of particular concern, the abortion industry is pushing for medical (pill) abortions and expanding to campus health clinics across the nation. Learn about the dangerous law that almost passed in California (SB320), and how similar legislation might impact you on your campus. This workshop will teach you how to decrease the supply and demand for abortion and how this impacts revenue for the abortion industry while also saving lives.

Green Sex - Gabrielle Jastrebski, FEMM
Many women are already throwing away their birth control pills to join this green sex movement. Join us to find out why! Learn how hormonal contraception really works, discover a new approach to working with your body without drugs or chemicals, as well as how to talk to your friends about it.   *This is just an introductory presentation, not a full training in methods.

Public Policy” Workshops

Vote Pro-Life: Elections and Legislation - Katie Lodjic, Students for Life; Patrina Mosley, Family Research Council; TBA!
To abolish abortion, we need pro-life legislation and legislators in place. We do that through our lobby efforts and how we vote in elections.  Find out how to stay on top of what is going on in your statehouse, and learn how to effectively lobby for pro-life bills. Then learn how voting can really impact the pro-life movement.

I Hate Politics! - Michele Hendrickson, Students for Life; Alliance Defending Freedom
Catered for those pro-life activists who hate politics! Learn how you can still be involved and why politics matters to the pro-life movement. Also learn what legislators do in the pro-life movement and how to impact legislation to make your voice heard in your state.

History of Pro-Life Movement - Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life
From Roe v. Wade to Right to Life organizations, the pro-life movement has been a rollercoaster of history. Understand what the past of the pro-life movement entails and how this impacts your future.

The End of Life -Catherine Foster, Americans United for Life
The End of Life for some sick and disabled people includes assisted suicide or withholding care to quicken death. Assisted suicide is on the rise and already legal in many states. What can you to to combat this and save more lives? Where are we headed with assisted suicide legislation in our country? Learn the latest and how to talk to your peers about it.

Rapid Response” Workshops

Rapid Response Mobilizing - Lori Cascio, Students for Life; Matt Lamb, Students for Life; Alliance Defending Freedom 
As a member of the Pro-Life Generation, you’ll often find yourself on the leading edge of the pro-life movement and having to respond to breaking news quickly. There are many steps to mobilizing your group in response to events on campus and planning what it takes to take control of your campus narrative. Learn why protests matter, what tools you’ll need, how to quickly organize them in your community, when it’s appropriate to push back, and know your legal rights as well!

Digital Media Training - TBA
Learn how to build your digital media presence to effectively reach your campus and spread the pro-life message to as many people as possible. Also learn how to connect with opposing groups through digital media and set yourself up to mobilize your own group in response to their events.

Taking Risks: Are you ALL IN? - Mark Harrington, Created Equal
Learn from past social action movements about how public outreach and bold activism changed our culture.  Then, apply these lessons to what you are doing on campus and in your community. Will the battle be hard?  Yes. But, are you ALL IN to abolish abortion?

Supportive Services” Workshops

Marketing Partnerships - TBA!
Life Affirming Medical Clinics and Pregnancy Resource Centers are a vital part to helping pregnant and parenting students. Gain information on how to create strong marketing partnerships and have a relationship with your local clinics to help students at your school.

Changing Campus Policies to Help Pregnant & Parenting Students - TBA!
As a pro-life leader on your campus, you’ll serve as an advocate for pregnant and parenting students. Come to this workshop to know what you’ll need to do to change your campus policies to help students on your campus facing a crisis pregnancy and empower them to choose life.

Building Bridges with Your Campus Health Center - TBA!
Your campus health center is usually the first provider of information for pregnant students. Sadly, many centers refer to Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. Building bridges with your campus health center can help you save lives and transform the culture on your campus.

Post Abortion Outreach - Georgette Forney
It’s important to be a strong advocate for post-abortive students on your campus. Hear the personal story of a post-abortive mother and how you can help women and men on your campus hurting from a past abortion decision.

Adoption is an Option - Kristen Schlee, Bethany Christian Services; Bethany Bomberger, the Radiance Foundation; Sally’s Lambs
Learn about the adoption process and how you can support birth moms. Hear personal stories and see how you can navigate an open conversation about the adoption option on your campus.

Wild Card” Workshop - Alliance Defending Freedom
Join ADF and some of their Students for Life clients as they expose the campus policies that can hold your pro-life mission back and how you can get these policies changed.