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Last Year’s National Conference Workshops

Below is a list of the workshops that were available at the
2018 Students for Life National Conference.
(this is not the full schedule of the event)

What Will It Take to Win:  5 Pillars of Engagement
-Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life; Jor-El Godsey, Heartbeat International; Pat Mahoney, Christian Defense Coalition*; Abby Johnson, And Then There Were None*; ADF Attorney
If we are going to win, we need to engage everyone!  Learn the importance of outreach that utilizes every approach within the pro-life movement.  Then choose workshops that will help you gain the tools you need to expand the Life message on your campus.


“Effective Education” Workshops

Pro-Life Apologetics for College Students
Join Steve as he equips you to defend your beliefs and effectively dialogue to help you impact your campus with arguments and techniques; based off thousands of his personal interactions and experiences on campuses across the nation.

Pro-Life Apologetics for High School Students
-Jay Watts, Life Training Institute
Join Jay as he breaks down the pro-life position in a way that is relatable, easy articulate to your peers, and will help you confidently speak to your friends about abortion.

Advanced Apologetics:  Bodily Autonomy & More
-Josh Brahm, Equal Rights Institute
Join Josh as he dives deep into the difficult questions regarding abortion.  Have you been stumped with how to respond to bodily autonomy or sovereign zone arguments?  Then, this is the workshop for you!

Pro-Life Christian World View
-John Stonestreet, Colson Center for Christian Worldview*
What does the Bible say about abortion?  As Christians how should we respond?  Join John as the breaks down the Christian worldview of abortion and why Christians must defend the least of these – those still in the womb.

Men and Abortion
-Jason Jones, Movie to Movement; Roland Warren, Care Net*
So, you don’t have a uterus – does this mean you can’t talk about abortion?  Find out how men have influenced abortion in our nation, and where men can best use their voice to engage in the abortion debate and effect change.

Feminism & Abortion
-Carol Crossed, Susan B. Anthony Birthplace*; Abby Johnson, And Then There Were None*; Kristan Hawkins, SFLA
Were the original feminists fighting for abortion rights?  How has feminism changed from that first wave?  Can you be a pro-life feminist?

Abortion and the Black Community
-Rev. Dean Nelson, Human Coalition*; Christina Bennett, National Black Pro-Life Coalition; Angela Minter, Sisters for Life*; Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr., First Baptist Church of Glenarden*
The history of abortion in the black community and its impact on the black community today.  With such high abortion rates in the black community, what can we do to reach this important community?

Theology of the Body
-Damon Owens, Theology of the Body Institute*
The art of being human and working with the way our bodies were designed for life, marriage, and sex.


Industry Impact” Workshops

The New Frontier in Medical Abortions
-Christina Francis, M.D., American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists; TDB, Abortion Pill Reversal
The abortion industry is changing their model to push for medical (pill) abortions, with the expansion of medical abortions at campus health clinics on the horizon.  What is a medical abortion? What is abortion pill reversal?  And what can you do if you find out your campus health center is offering medical abortions?

Can we Impact the Abortion Industry?
-ADF Attorney; Cathie Humbarger, Allen County Right to Life; David Bereit, Former CEO of 40 Days for Life
If you ever wondered how you can decrease the suppliers of abortion “services,” this is the workshop for you.  Presenting tried and true methods for researching and understanding what keeps the abortion industry in business and how to use that to impact local abortion vendors – you will leave this workshop with real tools to use in your community.

How to Reduce Demand for Abortion
– Brad Baumgarten, Coalition for Life Saint Louis*, Camille Rodriguez, Students for Life, ADF Attorney
If we can reduce the demand for abortion, we can save lives and impact the revenue that bolsters the abortion industry.  Outside of the great work of pregnancy resource centers, how can we impact abortion demand?  Come and find out how!

Planned Parenthood in Your Public School?!
-ADF Attorney; Michele Hendrickson, Students for Life
Planned Parenthood is working hard to maintain their federal tax funding.  One way they are doing this is by opening on site clinics at high schools that meet the requirements for federal grant money.  But, you can successfully stop this from happening.  Find out how as we dive into the law, public policy, and grassroots mobilizations that have succeeded in keeping Planned Parenthood out of public schools.

Women Betrayed
-Sue Thayer, former Planned Parenthood Director*; Marguerite Duane, M.D.; FACTS
The abortion industry has betrayed the very women they claim to serve.  Providing chemical contraception that can cause bodily harm.  Procuring and selling the body parts of the children they abort.  Creating sales schemes and demanding abortion quotas to increase abortion sales.  Find out what is going on and what you can do.


Public Policy” Workshops

Elections, Legislation, and You!
-Billy Valentine, Susan B. Anthony List*, Brendan O’Morchoe, Students for Life of America
As a student what do you need to know about elections and legislation?  Find out how to keep on top of what is going on in your state and in the nation as well as how you can get involved to make sure we are electing pro-life people and passing pro-life legislation.

Lobbying 101
-David Christensen, Family Research Council*; Autumn Christensen, Susan B. Anthony List*
Want to be a voice in your federal and state legislature on important pro-life bills?  Find out how to keep on top of what is going on in your statehouse, then how to effectively lobby for pro-life bills.

History of Abortion Law
– Professor Dwight Duncan, UMass Law
What brought us to the historic landmark decision Roe v. Wade?  What would our country look like if Roe were overturned?   Learn the legal history of abortion and where we go from here.

The Case for Assisted Suicide in America
-Catherine Foster, Americans United for Life; Tom Shakely, Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network; JJ Hanson, Patients’ Rights Action Fund*
Assisted suicide and withholding care to quicken death for the sick and disabled is nothing new in the United States.  Assisted suicide is on the rise and already legal in many states.  What does the current climate and legislation tell us about where we may be headed next in our country?  What can we do to combat this?


Rapid Response” Workshops

Beat the News Cycle
-Ryan Bomberger, Radiance Foundation*; SFLA; TBD, Live Action*
Learn how to anticipate reactions, find the buzz, and be proactive with creating multi-faceted campaigns for your campus.

 Using Digital Media to Save Lives
-Amanda Lord, Students for Life; Tim Brahm, Equal Rights Institute; Representative from Halycon*
Learn how to use digital media effectively to engage your campus and change hearts and minds.

Rapid Response DIY
-Reagan Barklage, Lori Cascio, David Cordero and Katie Lodjic, Students For Life
Learn how to mobilize your group to respond to rapidly to events on campus.  Vox or NARAL holding an event on your campus?  What do you do?  This interactive workshop is designed to give you the practice run you need to go back to your campus and do-it-yourself!


Supportive Services” Workshops

Pregnant on Campus at College
-Beth Rahal, Ryan Eyrich, and Brenna Lewis, Students for Life
For College Students:  How can you support women on your campus who are pregnant and considering abortion?  Learn how to identify the needs on your campus and how to create supportive services for pregnant moms to be supported and stay in school.

Building a Better Future in High School
-Beth Rahal and Anna Allgaier, Students for Life
For High School Students:  How can you support women on your campus who are pregnant and considering abortion?  Learn how to identify the needs on your campus and how to create supportive services for pregnant moms to be supported and stay in school.

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