January 28, 2017
Draft  Schedule


8:00am                  Registration Opens

9:10am                 Transform DJs

Morning General Session (Main Sanctuary)

The Usual Stuff      

9:30am                  Welcome

– Alison Howard, Alliance Defending Freedom*

The Pump Up

9:40am                  “Heroic”
– Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life

Get Out Your Notepads and Pens

10:00am                “How to Win People to our Movement: What makes us Equal?
– Josh Brahm, Equal Rights Institute                      

How to Protect Yourself 

11:00am                 “Knowing Your Rights on Campus & Student Panel”
-David Hacker, Alliance Defending Freedom*

11:35am                TBD…depends on what happens in November

The Rock Star

11:55pm               Defender of Life Presentation & Keynote

To Be Announced

Instructions for the Rest of the Day

12:15pm               Announcements

– Alison Howard, Alliance Defending Freedom

12:30pm               LUNCH (Pre-Function Area)

-Transform DJs play out

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

1:30pm -1:45pm         Transform DJs

1:45pm – 2:40pm       Session 1

Main Sanctuary:  How to Speak Heroically about Abortion (Dialogue Training)

-Josh Brahm, Equal Rights Institute

2:45pm – 3:40pm    Session 2

Main Sanctuary:  Helping Moms Be Heroes  

Learn how to help women in crisis become heroes for their children by working with your local pregnancy center, making your campus friendly for pregnant and parenting students, and talking about adoption in the right way.

-Kathleen Bravo, Obria*; Pregnant on Campus Student*; Adoption Specialist TBD

High School Tracks: all workshops run simultaneously see choices below.

College Tracks: all workshops run simultaneously see choices below.

3:45pm – 4:40pm       Session 3

Main Sanctuary: “Watch your Mouth” and “Mind Your Manners”

Learn about the latest poll numbers in our movement and what that means for your group, how to use your digital presence to advance our movement, and how to treat your campus like a mission field. (Messaging, Online, Mission Field)

– Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life; Erin Brownback, Doctoral Student at University of Arizona*; Ruben Verastigui; Students for Life

High School Tracks: all workshops run simultaneously see choices below.

College Tracks: all workshops run simultaneously see choices below.

High School Track Choices:

  • Room 2311 (This room holds 182 people): Theology of the Body

Cristina Barba, The Culture Project*

  • Room 2011-2012 (This room holds 91 people): Leadership & Effective Practices

Shawn Carney, 40 Days for Life*; Lisa Stover, Students for Life

  • Room 2111-2112 (This room holds 91 people): Reaching YOUR Peers (Public, Private, and Home School Environments)

Alliance Defending Freedom Attorney; Michele Hendrickson, Students for Life


College Track Choices:

  • Room 1201 (This room holds 110 people): New Frontiers in Bioethics

David Prentice, Charlotte Lozier Institute

  • Room 1211: Sex Week & Beyond (This room holds 110 people):  Making a Positive Impact on Your Campus

Reagan Barklage, Students for Life; Sade Patterson, University of New Mexico Alum*; Alliance Defending Freedom Attorney

  • Room 1305 (This room holds 200 people): Inclusive Campus Movement-Tactics of Inclusion

Kelsey Hazzard, Secular Pro-Life; Christina Martin, National Black Pro-Life Coalition

  • Room TBD: Pregnant on Campus 5 in 10 – Learn 5 Pregnant on Campus Projects in 10 minutes each!

Beth Rahal, Students for Life

Evening General Session (Main Sanctuary)

5:00pm                  Welcome

-Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life

5:05pm                  Heroes Wanted

-Abby Johnson, And Then There Were None

5:25pm                  National Students for Life of America Student Awards & Pep Rally

-Missy Stone and Lisa Stover, Students for Life;

6:00pm                  END of Conference & Grab and Go Dinners

7:00pm Booths Close


January 24,2016
Draft Schedule

“Born to Win: Abolishing Abortion in our Lifetime”

8:00am          Registration Opens 


9:30am          “Born to Win”  –  Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life

9:50am          Defender of Life

10:00am          Welcome  – Lauren Muzyka, Sidewalk Advocates for Life

10:10am        “Learn How to Defend Your Beliefs”  –  Stephanie Gray, Author of Love Unleashes Life

11:10am        “Knowing Your Rights on Campus”  –  Attorney, Alliance Defending Freedom

11:50am        “Creating a Culture of Life”  –  Christina Barba, The Culture Project

12:10pm       The Young Messiah screening  –  Jason Jones, Movie to Movement

12:25pm        Announcements  –  Missy Stone, Students for Life of America

12:30pm        LUNCH (pre-function area)



1:45pm – 2:40pm    Session 1

Patrons Hall: Dialogue
–  Trent Horn, Catholic Answers; Stephanie Gray


2:45pm – 3:40pm    Session 2

Patrons Hall : How to Talk About Planned Parenthood
– Kristan Hawkins & Missy Stone, Students for Life

Hall A: Reaching YOUR Peers (Public, Private and Home School Environments)
–  David Hacker, Alliance Defending Freedom; Emily Wilkinson, Students for Life

3:45pm – 4:40pm      Session 3

Patrons Hall: Alternatives: Adoption, PRCs
Brandi Swindell, Stanton Healthcare; Renee Bergman, Christian Adoption Consultants

Hall A: Leadership & Effective Practices
–  Brendan O’Morche & Lisa Atkins, Students for Life



5:00pm          Welcome  –  Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life

5:05pm          Keynote  –  David Daleiden, The Center for Medical Progress

5:25pm          National Students for Life of America Student
–  Missy Stone, Students for Life of America

5:45pm          Closing Announcements  –  Missy Stone, Students for Life

6:00pm          End of Conference

7:00pm          Booths Close

*Denotes an invited speaker

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